3D-printed DDA40X locomotive (Scale 1:32) for the garden railroad *UPDATED december 29th,2016*

While I’m still waiting for some paint and motors to arrive from China, to finish the EMD SW1500, I already started drawing / partitioning / slicing / printing a new one 🙂
This time it’s also an American diesel locomotive, namely an EMD DDX40A. (also called “Centennial” or “Big Jack”)
This is the largest diesel locomotive ever built. In 1:1 scale, it measures 30 meters, and does have 6600 HP under the hood ! So, in scale 1:32 it will be about 94 cm long !

I already have several parts printed, I hope to start construction next weekend 🙂

Update- november 22th, 2015

Well, today was one on those days … Heavy rain and dark clouds the whole day. So, it was time for a “lazy sunday afternoon” 🙂 I couldn’t resist, and started building the DDA40X together. Cabine is ready, and half of the motor/generator compartiment. (Yes, that’s right, only half !) So, it’s going to be almost twice as long as the current build-status …

Update- november 26th, 2015

Today, the last part of the chassis got printed, so after work, I started glueing the chassis together. We tried a dry-fit for the upper part (cabine and motor/generator housing) on the chassis, and couldn’t resist to take some pictures 🙂
(you may see a small gap on the pictures between the chassis and the upper part, this is due to the fact it’s not glued in place yet. (Still need to be able to access all internals for placing electronics, interior for the cabine, LEDs, fans etc …
I’m still strugling with the bogies, but hey, I’m sure this locomotive will be ready before Christmas 🙂

Update- december 29th, 2016

I gathered all STL files and pictures, did put them in one big ZIP file, and uploaded them to thingiverse.
You can now print yourself a DDA40X from the following link:

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I'm born on april 3th, 1974 in Leuven (Belgium). My love of my life is my lovely Christel Pauwels, with who I'm sharing love, my life, a nice house and lots of mutual hobbies and interests. (electronics / (model)trains / travelling / enjoying life / mechanics etc ...)
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7 Responses to 3D-printed DDA40X locomotive (Scale 1:32) for the garden railroad *UPDATED december 29th,2016*

  1. Dwight Miller says:

    Kris I just wanted to say that your printing of the DD40 has really infected me to print one. I’m going to model the DD series starting with the DD40 and going back to the DD35A – then last but not least the DD35B’s. I just 2 weeks ago bought a 20x20x20 XYZ printer to print with and today I found you and the SW1500 and DD40 Centennial – WOW!! Has the project come along any further since November 2015? Please Keep us updated!!

    Thank You For Giving me hope of owning one in G Scale!

    Dwight Miller
    Wildwood Missouri USA

    • Kris says:

      Hi Dwight,

      Nice to hear that I can inspire some people 🙂
      In the meanwhile, things are getting bigger and bigger.
      I’m currently drawing a V60 German Diesel loc, for 5″ rails (scale 1:11)
      I’m even designing a larger 3D printer, to be able to print such large parts !
      More will come within a few months …

      best regards,

  2. horst hans says:

    hallo kris
    du hast ja eine superseite lauter tolle sachen die mich interessieren.
    mein anliegen an dich währe, du sagst du hast die v200 im schubladen die ich verzweifelt in stl oder dxf oder 3ds suche aber nirgens finde.
    währe es möglich diese datei von dir zu bekommen ?
    währe schön eine antwort zu bekommen.
    danke gruß

    • Kris says:

      Hello Horst,

      I will collect all my files (STL files and PDF drawings) this weekend,
      and email them to you. (I hope you did use a correct emailaddress when making this comment ? If not, please email me your emailaddress at kris at digitalplayground dot be

      best regards,

  3. Gerrt-A Persson says:

    Hi Kris.
    We miss u at Open Railway Project.
    I thouhg u were ill or something, but see here that u r posting i june this year.
    Im building Daniels SW1500 as well, motorization and steel wheels.
    Then painting will be in UP colour scheme.
    I upgraded myself from H0 to scale 0 last year and now to scale 1 just for getting my hands on Daniels SW1500 stl files.
    Have been in Blender for years but now Im learning Inventor for better measuring.
    Im very plesed with Inventor and working on a Swedish steam loco from 1917 Litt: Sb.
    I hava a Profi3Dmaker printer 400 x 260 x 190 mm, so I can print rather big things.
    It would be nice I u want sharing your DDA40X, I love big things, Lol.
    A cool suggestion of a new project would be GEs Union Pacific Gas Turbin Loco “GTEL”
    Would be nice to here from u.
    My Best // Gert Persson, Malmö Sweden

  4. Chuck Hanson says:

    Nice DDA40X…I want one! 🙂

    Could you please contact me via email about this locomotive??

  5. Dwight Miller says:

    Hi Kris,

    Are the dd40ax files now the right size for printing? After reading the error message I do not want to start until you say they are correct.

    Dwight Miller

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