A small RGB LED project, including housing

After a period of “building clocks”, it was time to move on … While spending our holidays all troughout Germany in 2007, We also visited Legoland, were they can laser-engrave a 3D picture in an acrylic block. We decided to have a 3D picture of us, and once we came home, I decided to make a “frame” for it, to lit it up by RGB LEDs. So, this is how the RGB LED fader came to live 😉 I designed the schematics and PCB in Cadsoft Eagle, the housing in AutoCAD, and the coding of the PIC was done in PicBasic Pro.

Click here to download the hardware files (eagle CAD files for the PCB)
Click here to download the firmware files (PicBasic sourcecode and HEX file)

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