Hello folks,

It’s been very quiet the last months, this is due to Kris’ health issues.
Kris has been ill since Christmas. And on january 10th, Kris had an epileptic attack.
This attack was so worse, that I had to call an ambulance. A medical emergency unit accompanied this ambulance. It took at lot of time to stabilize Kris, before they could transport him to the hospital. Once arrived in the hospital, they did take him into an artificial coma, to calm dowwn his body, and to bring his brains to a “rest”. This coma was so deep, that Kris could not breath by himself and needed to attach him to breathing machines. Kris almost stayed in this artificial coma for 14 days. After that, his was moved from the “intensive care” division to a regular room. Kris is now almost 2 weeks home again, but recovery will take some more time. Due to the “Keppra” medicin (2x 1000 MG every 24 hours), Kris needs to sleep a lot and suffers from dullness. (They even did take away his drivers’ licence for at least 6 months, but hey, I will be his personal driver)

So, all projects are on hold for some more months, and you will also have to wait a few months before you get any answers on emails or messages …

best regards,

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