Last thursday I had my last treatment for my HHC. I had to undergo 3 extra treatments 🙁 I’m still not fully recovered (will take some more weeks), but this did not prevent me from “playing with my new toy”. Christel ordered a 50W CO2 Laser CNC for my upcomming birthday in april. Because this device needed to be shipped from “oversea”, she ordered it at february 29th, with the idea that it would take several weeks for the device to arrive. It was a big suprise to see that the package already arrived on march 2th 🙂 Because with the Profiler machine, I had to wait several months after Christmas to get it delivered, Christel decided that I was “allowed” top openup this present in advance 🙂

To my suprise, the laser and mirrors where already aligned, this saved me some time 🙂 Furthermore, the device comes “ready to run”, with everything needed (including smoke exhaust and waterpump for the watercooling) So, it was time to fire up the laser 🙂

Cutting wasn’t a problem, if you can make perfect gears, you can cut every shape 🙂
Next up was testing the engraving possibilities of the machine. So, I did take an (old) picture of Christel, and engraved it on the backside of a mirror, and on plane 12mm MDF. This was also a big succes 🙂

to thank Christel for this wonderful present, I cutted an IPAD stand for Christels’ IPAD 🙂

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