New macbook Pro 15″ Retina with Haswell processor

Christel decided it was time that I also got a Macbook Pro 🙂
Christmas is comming near, so time to order one.
(During Christmas-rush, there are waiting times for apple products to be delivered).
On october 22th, the new Macbooks where presented with the new Haswell processors.
Soon my choice was made: A 15″ retina model, with 1 GB SSD, 16 GB Ram, and processor upgrade to 2.6 Ghz.
(Price, about 3329 euro, you can’t go any much higher, except if you add a superdrive, but I don’t have a need for that, I own a USB3 Bluray burner)

About a week ago, this Macbook was already delivered. Christel told me to test it out, and install everything on it, that I needed. After that, she was surely going to wrap it up in christmas gift-paper, and put it away until December 24th …
Ooh well, because she didn’t give me a “deadline” for the installation, I installed my software on a very slow pace, “from time to time”, and in the meanwhile I already started using this machine 🙂 In the meanwhile, me and my macbook became inseparable …
A few days ago, I had a nice talk with Christel. It became clear for her, that wrapping it up, was not a good idea anymore. So, I now already have my Christmas present “up and running”. After this talk, it did only take me a couple of hours to install the rest of my needed software 🙂
Christel also said: “But honey, now I don’t have a present anymore to give you at Christmas night …” My answer was humble and funny at the same time: “But honey, nobody forbids you to buy an extra present for me” 🙂

She decided to order an aluminium case to carry my macbook around 🙂

In the meanwhile, I decided to start filming again. (our new HighDef 3D camera is/was a good boost for this) I started playing around with Final Cut Pro X, Motion, iDVD and iPhoto … It became clear to me, that I don’t need Adobe software anymore, to be productive and creative at the same time 🙂

As a proof-of-concept, I made a “slideshow” with iPhoto. It did take me about 15 mouse-clicks, to create a “nice movie”, with my pictures included. Rendering did take a few minutes …

Click here to see the specifications of the new Macbook Pro’s
Click here to see my first result with iPhoto

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