A bit of history …

As long as I can remember, I had a great interest in electronics and mechanics.
When I was a young kid, I did take everything apart, to see how things work !
Hey, I’m from 1974, we didn’t have discovery-channel to watch šŸ™‚

When I became a bit more “adult”, I never lost the interest in electronics and mechanics.
I did build quiet a lot of Velleman kits, and later, circuits I found on the internet.

It was in the beginning of 2008, that my <<electronics- and mechanics>> as-a-hobby, got a boost. As a subscriber to the Elektor magazine, I got the chance to order a small CNC milling machine, named “Profiler”. It was a coƶperation between Colinbus (manufacturer) and Elektor (magazine). I was the first to order this DIY package. (I have Ref 001 on my papers) After some beta-testing, and months of troubles (due to the bad initial software),
I finally became familiar with this device, so I could start milling mainly PCB’s …

Besides PCB’s, I also made a large Eifeltower replica,some clocks, an hexapod,
a LED-cube (8x8x8 LEDs = 512 LEDs) and even a geared clock …
In the meanwhile, I only use this machine dedicated for PCB milling.
For the other jobs, I own a 50W CO2 laser and a large HBM BF-25 milling machine …
(that I converted myself to CNC)

The CO2 laser CNC is mainly used for wood, cardboard and acrylic.
(find our more in the railroading section about my HO buildings etc …)

The 550×250 lathe and BF-25 milling machine, are mainly used to build G-scale locomotives and coaches for our garden railway, and ofcourse also for the “bigger” work, namely the 3 1/2″ and 5 1/4″ electric and live-steam locomotives.
(find our more in the railroading section about my HO buildings etc …)

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