A new toy: Playstation 4 (+3D printed holder/charger for controllers)

Friday-night, we bought a Playstation 4 !
After owning a Gameboy, a Playstation 1, a Sega Dreamcast, an Xbox, an Xbox360, a WII and a Playstation 3, it was time for a “nextgen” console 🙂
When I got back from hospital last time, Christel told me that she wanted to buy me a present for “courage and bravery”.
Still ill, I decided to put this “on hold”, until I was better. So, last friday I used this “on hold card”, to get a PS4 🙂

Immediately it came apparent that I needed some sort of holder for my controllers, not just laying around.
I designed my own controller holder/charger and 3D printed it 🙂
You can see the result in the pictures, and those who want to print this “items” for themself, you can download the STL files on my thingiverse page ..

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