Our family extended ! We welcome our new family member :-)

For almost 10 years, I was asking Christel for a dog. Christel gives me everything, except a dog … Until now … When I did show Christel a picture of a Pomeranian, she also became interested. On sunday 18 december, we visited a Pomeranian breeder. They have pomeranians in 3 “sizes”. The large one, (looks like a regular dog) the middle-sized ones, (a bit smaller then regular) and the tiny ones (only 18 cm in height, fullgrown) – also called “tea-cup pomeranians”.  (The smaller the size, the more expensive the dog becomes)

When we did visit the tiny ones, I immediately pointed out a pup, and told Christel “This is the one for us”. Without even hesitating or looking at the other ones. After playing a bit with the puppy (born on august, 29th – 2016), “inspecting” him, some cuddling and observing him, after two hours, we decided to take him home and called him “bear”.
It seems we made the right choice, We couldn’t imagine a beter dog for us. Me and Christel are both in love with Bear and are happy that we made this decision. Already on the way home, he trusted us, he felt a sleep while Christel was carrying him in the car. Once arrived in our house, he felt home after a couple of hours yet. Even after 3 days, he already knew his name, and he came running to use, when calling his name. And Bear sleeps alone at night for 8 hours. Only the first night he howled a bit for about 20 minutes or so. Since then he doesn’t feel lonely anymore, and doesn’t make a sound if we go to sleep or go out for work. He sleeps in a dogbench, and also doesn’t make it dirty, while his blatter is still not fullgrown … (during daytime he is never more then 4 hours alone, we come home during lunchtime …)

When he needs to go outside, he takes place by our large glass sliding door, and he knocks on that same door with his two small paws when he finishes outside and want to go back inside.

We don’t have any complaints, and are only astonished by what he is yet able to. Sitting on his bum when he wants something, following very close by the foot while walking (he even doesn’t need a dog leech actually), even giving “high fives”. (We give him a modern education, we like him to give “high fives”, instead of given a regular pawn. (I don’t want people to pull his small paws) Furtermore, when inside the house, hé is calm, and likes to cuddle and sit besides/on us …

But he is also a very sporty guy. He likes to run like a formula 1 driver around the garden set with chairs and table. He goes so fast, that is’t hard for him to stop. Last saturday he was running so fast, that he did loose control in a 90° curve, and landed in the fish-pond, and it was freezing outside ! Luckely this little guy can swim, so we could pick him out of the water, Did heatup some towels in the microwave and turned them around him, after which I stared drying him with 2 hairdryers, while brushing his hair. 5 minutes later he was back outside, and had already forgotten about his pond adventure.

Bear is also very social, he likes all our neighbours (and they like him), and even the dogs from the neighbours (from small to large) I never heard Bear bark, I think they installed a sound-module of a hamster instead of a dog, when they constructed him, LOL.

We are sure that we are going to have lots of fun and love with Bear, we already decided
to take him with us on holidays in september, altough we have people enough around in our neighbourhood, who would babysit Bear while we are away.

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