A new photo-camera – DSLR – Nikon D60

On Saturday, june 21th – 2008, my sister in law (my wifes’ sister) and her husband, did trow a party, because of there 25th anniversary of marriage. A few days before that party, she phoned us, with the question if we would like to take some pictures on that party. (normally, we make movies of parties and events, and put them on DVD) Because we still had an old digital photocamera, I did find this a good excuse to buy a new DLSR 😉
I took a day of work, and got to Utrecht (The Netherlands), to topdeals.nl ,they really have nice prices, compared to shops in Belgium. You can place your order on the internet, but you have to go to there shop to actually buy it. Because we are more “into” filming instead of photography, we didn’t want to trow in a “whole lot of money”. We first tought about a Nikon D40, but eventually went for the D60, which does have an automatic lens cleaner and a lot more of pixels (10.2 MP instead of 6 MP) The price was a bit more then the D40, but afterall, we find the extra features and better specifications, worth the money.
Enough talk, lets have a look at a few of our very first pictures. (All pictures are taken with the “default” 18-55 mm lens)

First of all, we went to the Veltwijck-park, to “try” the camera. Next, a few days later, I did make some try-outs with a “milky” sheet of acrylic, and a few of my scale models … (As I now also am a member of BelgiumDigital, I needed some pictures to “show off” …)

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