Finally, some good news !

Finally, after all those years, I want to share some good news with you !
After years and years, struggling with my health, I can say to you all, that I’m healthy again !
I finally found a *good* neurologist (after 12 others, that did not have the guts to change my medication or where simply to cowardly)
I even started working full-time again (still within the same company, for almost 20 years now)
I can assure you, after such a battle for years, we didn’t even believe anymore in such *magic*.
Christel also had some health-issues in the meanwhile. She had surgery in august 2019, due to colone cancer. She also had a lot of chemo therapy in the meanwhile. While the world is struggling with the Corona-virus, here in our little family,
everything is looking better and better !
You may expect some nice adventures and stories again in the future 🙂

#ItsGoodToBeBack #TheFutureLooksGoodAgain

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