Anycubic Photon S – first results *UPDATED, May, 9th – 2020*

After delivery a few days ago, it was time to test this new SLA printer.
I filled the printer with some green resin, (this resin did came with the printer) and started a test (the anycubic cube …)
Because we also own an Anycubic “wash & cure” machine, we did put the printed piece in the “tornado” bath,
filled with IPA (99,8%) for 6 minutes.
After this, we removed the IPA bath, and did put the printed piece on a rotating table, while “blowing” it with UV light.
This cured the UV resin, until it was “hard”.
The final result looks amazing, not comparable with the “regular” 3D printing I was used to for years …
In the meanwhile, I also printed a little vase, “Voronoi” style 🙂

Yesterday, my ordered white resin from Anycubic finally arrived !
It took only 3 days to get the resin from the Czech Replubic to Belgium, but it took Bpost more then 2 weeks
to get the resin from Antwerp X to Ekeren. (less then 5 kilometer !)
Ooh well, you can see the first results with the white resin: a small castle. The details are stunning !

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