Valentine present: a XC3S500E Xilinx FPGA dev board for Kris

Since a long time, I wanted to start with FPGA’s. So, I got an FPGA development set, with lots of additional modules, for my Valentine 🙂 The Dev-board includes a Xilinx Spartan XC3S500E, a JTAG/USB programmer (Xilinx platform USB cable), lots of cables, and about 13 extra modules:

  • VGA PS2 Board x 1
  • PL2303 USB UART Board (mini) x 1
  • AT45DBXX DataFlash Board x 1
  • FM24CLXX FRAM Board x 1
  • CY7C68013A USB Board (mini) x 1
  • PCF8563 RTC Board x 1
  • PCF8591 AD DA Board x 1
  • DS18B20 x 1
  • LCD12864 (3.3V Blue Backlight) x 1
  • LCD1602 (3.3V Blue Backlight) x 1
  • 8 SEG LED Board x 1
  • 8 Push Buttons x 1
  • 4×4 Keypad x 1
  • USB type A plug to mini-B plug cable x 1

There is also an elektor FPGA board (Xilinx Spartan XC3S250E) in the picture-list, this is the thing that triggered it all ! And as I type this message, a second Xilinx Spartan XC3S500E is on its way, so I can use one on the dev-board, and one in a self-made PCB / circuit. Also a brand new Digilent Nexys2 is on its way. (I did win this for a ridiculous low price on ebay)

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