Ableton Live: Output audio to multiple outputs

It seems like some people are struggling with the ability to output audio to multiple outputs at once. I for example, have an audio interface with 6 outputs, normally you choose your default output-pair in your OS (even Mac !)
But what if you want to output the same audio to multiple outputs at once ? Ableton can do this very easy 🙂
Take a look af the following picture:

You will see a regular Ableton projects, but I added 2 additional audio tracks. I did set the “Audio From” to “Master”, and the “Audio To”,
to external outputs 3 and 4, and on the next audio-track, I did the same, but I did set the outputs to 5 and 6. Eeh voila !
Instant audio output duplication from your main source, to the other 4 outputs 🙂 Simple, easy, there is nothing more to it 🙂

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