Xojo – a multi-platform development environment

While designing my Loconet modules, I had a need to develop a configuration tool (that runs on the PC).
Because I don’t want to be “stuck” with windows applications, I did have a look around on the internet.
I stumbled upon “Xojo”. A multi-platform development environment.
What does this mean ? Wel, simply put, you design your application on one platform (MacOS in my case),
and you simply tell the compiler to also “build” it for other platforms. (Windows and Linux)
So, this gives me the possibility to design/maintain my code on MacOS, but at the same time, deliver my application
for MacOS, Windows and Linux. It really is as simple as I tell you 🙂
Xojo is not free, but for the amount you pay for a license, you already “gain” back the money, with your first application.

For Raspberry PI, Xojo is however free !

Take a look at https://www.xojo.com/

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