Some new electronic equipment

Because I’m more and more serious into electronics, I bought an oscilloscope and a function-generator.
Furthermore, I also bought an 8-channel 24Mhz logic analyzer from
(I already own an Intronix 34 Channel 500 Mhz logic analyzer, but for 11 euro this is a nice tool for “quick tests)
These tools will certainly help in my future electronic development and debugging !

My scope is a Rigol DS1202Z-E
A 2-channel 200 Mhz scope with SCPI (so I can control it with LXI tools under Linux)
My function-generator is an UNIT-T UT962E – 2 channels at 60 Mhz with SCPI
(the UT932E is the same, but only works at 30 Mhz)
The 8-channel 24 Mhz logic analyzer from AZ-Delivery …
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