STM32 !!!

I recently (re-)discovered STM32 modules 🙂
Some years ago, I bought a mini STM32 V3 board (with a screen) for using it with Robert Evers MRDCC II
(to control my modelrailroad).
In the meanwhile, those STM32 modules became more and more powerful, and a complete STM32 eco-system is formed.
– STM32CubeMX to define your pins, clocks, DMA(s), IRQ(s) …
– STM32CubeIDE to write code
– STM32Prog to put your code in the STM32 module
– TouchGFX to design GUI(s)

In the meanwhile, I have such a love for these modules, that I now own a bunch of them 🙂
01. ST-link V2
02. STM32F401CCU6 (aka “black pill”)
03. STM32-Nucleo-F411RE
04. STM32-Nucleo-F439ZI
05. Mini-STM32-V3.0 (my “old” first STM32 module)
06. STM32F429I-DISC1
07. STM32F746G-DISC0
08. STM32H747I-DISCO
10. STM32F7508-DK
11. STM32MP157F-DK2

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