Pico (W) – Picomite

-Uses a RPI Pico (W) as the main controller
-VGA output 640×480 pixels monochrome or 320×240 pixels in colour mode.
-PS2 keyboard input.
-Full featured very powerfull BASIC interpreter with floating point,64 bit integers and much more. It executes a program up to 100.000 lines a second.
-Full SD card support.
-Full screen editor.
-Full graphic support.
-USB interface to Windows/Mac/Linux computers.
-Build in commands to directly interface DS18B20 temperature sensor, LCD displays, battery backed clock and more.

More info about mmbasic: https://www.mmbasic.com/
More info about mmbasic and Picomite: https://geoffg.net/picomite.html
Support forum: http://www.thebackshed.com/forum/Microcontrollers
Sourcecode: https://github.com/UKTailwind/PicoMite
Informative video: https://youtu.be/Cxmjy1nz6MM

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