Another handy tool for the HBM-BF25 CNC

The homing-switches, emergency button and 4th axis are also done ! I will try to make a video of the machine in action, when milling some parts. But CNC milling and filming is not a good idea for the moment, due to some lack of experience, I need to spend all my attention to the mill for the moment 🙂

I still have some items on my todo-list, for some extra tools, to make my CNC-life more convenient. A camera for edge- and center-finding was one of them … I made this tool, this afternoon 🙂

The idea is simple: buy a cheap chinese webcam, the smaller te better, but make sure you have a high-resolution version. Take of the outer shell, so you only have the electronics, and create a new (aluminium) case, with a shaft that fits in the milling spindle. Make sure the lens is in center (you can always correct/calibrate this in the software itself) …

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