To much medication leads to (funny/useless) experiments !

It’s almost a month ago, since the last website update, this is mainly because of illness. At the end of my illness period, I was highly on medication, which leaded me into some “past-midnight” experiments. *What if I could control the frequency of my stepper motors ?* My BF-25 conversion is not yet finished (also due to this illness thingies), but I decided to convert some midi-files to G-code ! When running these G-code files, trough Mach3, this resulted in my stepper motors of making some (sort of) music … You can see the result in the next 3 videoclips. (the music is comming from the motor-noises, nothing else is making this music !) Make sure your speakers are turned on, and that you crank up the volume !

Click here to hear the Birdie song, played by the CNC machine
Click here to hear an Irish song, played by the CNC machine
Click here to hear “The Entertainer”, played by the CNC machine

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