I already got a lathe for Christmas 2012 (somewhere in Oktober !) But, just before Christmas, Christel gave me “permission” to order the BF-25 mill :-)(I should have gotten this machine for my Birthday, in april 2013) On Christmas-day 2012 itself, Christel decided to throw some “extra” gift for me, 2 (expensive) red tool-cabinets 🙂 For the lathe, I did foresee a place, when I started with the renovation of our first garage. But the new milling machine (and other future expansions) , where not foreseen.

All this, made me decide to do a major upgrade in the “machinery-room”, so I could permanently install my Elektor Profiler CNC, my CO2 50W laser, my new BF-25 milling machine, and my 250×550 Lathe … The 2 train modules and desks, went out, and I replaced them with other “furniture”. The initial thought was to keep the long train-module, but I needed this for future expansion. (like a paint-booth and sand-blasting cabinet)

A few weeks ago, I started with a Solidworks tutorial (13 parts). On the first evening, it did take me about an hour and half to complete part 1 and 2 of this course. On the second evening, it did take me another hour and half to complete part 3 and 4 of this course. On the third evening, I decided to skip the rest of the tutorials, and started drawing in Solidworks 🙂 (however, I still feel the need to complete the sheet-bending and sheet-drawing tutorials)

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