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In the meanwhile, we did the necessary brainstorming about the “modularity” of this home automation project. We concluded that it is best to divide the system in different logic blocks.

These blocks are:
@Home Client
This application will be a user frontend to “administrate” the home automation system. (e.g. change “logic”, configure settings etc …) This application will run in the language that is set as the current language for the currently logged in user in the operating system. Translations are automatically looked up via the google translate API (you still have the possibility to edit the dictionary altough)

@Home Console
The part that will run on the different screens, places over the whole house.

@Home Engine
This is the actual “heart” of the system, which runs on a small device, and is console-based (so, without a GUI)

@Home Mobile
A piece of software that can be used on a mobile/handheld device. (for example, a SmartQ V5, or an Android device)

@Home Web
A webinterface to control or monitor certain aspects of the home automation system, when you are not at home.

I already started the development of the Client & Engine. Coding is done, to give the possibility to “lock” on machinename, IP-address, MAC-address, user etc … (Also, this can be used to prevent users to login on certain machines, and restrict access to certain items of the menu and even on button-level in the filterscreens.)

In the meanwhile, I donated my tv-guide and weather module to www.domotiga.nl

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