A bunch of new “toys” …

It all started with the wish of the modelrailroad club where I’m a member off. They wanted an android device, to control the modelrailroad layout remotely. So, we bought some cheap android devices in China, (about 83 euro !) with android 2.2 on it. These devices are perfect for running RocRail, but don’t have 3G/UMTS and GPS and a decent camera … So, for myself, I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab. Much more expensive, but hey, you get what you pay for !

I’m also the proud owner of a Sony Ericson LiveView watch. (A watch that syncronizes to an android device via Bluetooth) You can ware/use this device as a real watch, or use it as a “clip-on”.

Furthermore, I also own an Eye-Fi 8 GB SD Card. You probably think, “what is so special about an SD card, that you post it here ?” … Well, the fact is, this SD card has built-in wifi, so pictures are automatically transferred to your PC/IPAD/IPOD/Android device ! So, While I’m on the road, taking pictures with my Nikon camera, pictures are automatically wireless transferred to my Galaxy Tab, Without the need of a Wifi router or access point ! It looks like an ordinary SD card, but it’s much more then that !

After all this nice “toys”, I also bought a new “tool” … I now finally have a digital storage oscilloscope ! 4 channels with 72MS/s (2 analog and 2 digital channels) + a signal generator ! For more info, check out this link to Seeedstudio ! This device is still in pre-order state on the Seeedstudio site, but I managed to buy one, directly from the HongKong manufacturer 🙂

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