Home automation – my own hardware !

I started creating my own bus-system, to control via a network connection. (Winsock ?) I have created some basic modules, to start with in the modelrailroad room. But I will certainly create other/extra modules in the future 🙂 Every module contains 8 dip-switches to set the address. Multiple modules can have the same address, they will react on the same commands/address. Each module is connected to the next, with a network cable. (but it’s NOT network-compatible !, only the network connection interface card may be connected to a regular network) The order of the modules on the bus does not matter. Also, power-connections from one to another module can be “looped”.
Every module does have a “power in” and “data in” on the left, and a “power out” and “data out” on the right.

Relais Card
With this card, it’s possible to “switch” 8 items. Every relais does have a 3-pin screw connector, so it can be used as NC or NO.

RGB Card
You can attach a 12V RGB LEDstrip to  this card, and control every color in 256 steps. (8 bit for each color = 24 bits truecolor) A maximum of 20 meters can be connected to one card.

LCD Card
a 20×4 char LCD, to display info. Backlight can also be controlled by software.

Halogen dimmer Card
Standard 12V halogen lightbulbs can be connected to this card, 4 channels, a maximum of 100W per channel is allowed. Dimmable in 256 steps per channel.

DAC Card
Digital to Analog converter. 4 channels output, 256 steps per channel, output between 0 and 10V. (I use them to dim T5 TL tubes with a VESA module)

Bridge Card
With this card, I will be able to control my 2 bridges, to open and close them. Relais are used to switch direction of the bridge, card also contains inputs for detection of open/close status of bridge.

Input Card
Connect upto 8 devices, that returns a logic 0 or 1, like touch sensors, light sensors, switches, contacts etc …

Network Connection Card
This card, connects a complete “bus”, to a network connection. You can connect cards with upto 256 different addresses to one network card. This gets an IP-address and can be controlled trough software.
MP3 Card
Insert an SD card with MP3s into this card, and software-control which MP3 is played. This card returns also a “finished” status back onto the bus. Volume is also software controllable. Pause / Play / Stop …

Power Card
Connect between 5v & 100V to this card, and switch 8 outputs with transistors, that turn on/off this given voltage on the 8 output ports.

Audio Switch Card
4 stereo inputs and 2 stereo outputs, gives the possibility to matrix-switch between 4 audio sources to 2 audio outputs.

Video Switch Card
6 video inputs and 4 video outputs, gives the possibility to matrix-switch between 6 video sources and 4 video outputs.

Servo Controller Card
With this card, you can control 4 servo’s, with 128 steps per servo. I use this card to control 2 mini camera’s, for pan/tilt …

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