Coolest gadget I discovered this year – O2 Joggler

A product that already exists for a few years, drew my attention this year … It’s called “O2 Joggler”, and is a product that originates from the UK.

The reason why this “joggler” caught my attention, is first of all, the price: about 60 British pound. (It was much more expensive when they launched this product, prices about 200 British pound where no exception !) Another reason is, that because of this cheap price, it’s a highly wanted gift for *hackers*, there is a very vivid open-source community around this O2 Joggler. People are porting linux distros to this device, which makes it an ideal and cheap solution for an in-wall touchscreen for home automation, even with some processing power behind it 🙂 Searching the internet, I found out that you have 2 additional USB ports on the mainboard, one internal USB port (internal wifi is connected to it), and one external USB port. I did put the right linux distro image on a fast 8 GB SD card, and put it inside the device, soldered to one of the 2 additional USB ports, and I stripped a bluetooth USB stick, and soldered it to the second additional USB port. Next I have 8 GB diskspace, internal wifi and bluetooth, and a spare external USB port 🙂 In the meanwhile I have Ubuntu 9.10 running on it 🙂 I own 2 (and half) Jogglers for the moment, and planning a few extra 🙂

Thank you O2 for this beautiful device !

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