A 6-digit, 7-segment, RGB-LED clock for Christel

Aah, finally another nice project 🙂
We already have a green 7-segment LED clock in our living room. Those digits are 10 cm high. Christel asked me to build another clock for the master-bedroom, and it “escalated” a bit 🙂 The green clock from the living room, will move to the bedroom, and a new clock will be installed in the livingroom.

Before I started designing, I asked Christel what she really wanted, and this is what she came up with:

  • multi-color (so, I need to use RGB LEDs, which makes the design a bit more complex.
  • bigger digits (just use more LEDs to solve this, LOL)
  • remotely controlled. (I solved this by embedding bluetooth in the design, so I can write some software for her smartphone, IPAD or wathever bluetooth-enabled device)
  • She also wanted (just like the green clock), hours/minutes/seconds and not only hours/minutes (which results in 150% workload instead of 100%)
  • double dots between the different time-pieces (resulting in 2 extra PCBs)

This clock is almost done, I only need to mill the maincontroller and solder it, and write software for it 🙂

Click here to download the PCB-design / MDF digits / Firmware





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