A brand new home-cinema receiver

Due to some problems with our previous hifi-set, we decided to buy a brand new home-cinema receiver. I already knew what I wanted, weeks in advance 🙂 So, we bought a Sony STR-DG820 !

I must say, the sound that this beauty produces, sounds more natural, crisp, full, clear and warm, Even with the same speakers we used previously. It does not only do “sound”, but it also does “video”. (which eliminates the need of a video matrix switch) After all, an “investment” that is worth the money !

Technical specifications:
Name     STR-DG820
8 ohm 20-20 kHz     110 W
(8 ohm 20-20 kHz) THD     0,09%
number of amplified channels     7
Type     Analog
Center 4 ohm / 8 ohm     NO (only 8 Ohm)
DSP     Titanium
Equalizer (F/C/Sur/Sur B) low/mid-/high tones     B,T / NO / NO / NO
Subwoofer X`Over     17 points (40-200 Hz)
Analog Direct     YES
Soundfieldlink (with locking)     YES (NO)
Soundfieldprogram (movie)     4
Soundfieldprogram (music)     6
Soundfieldprogram (A.F.D)     3 (7)
Soundfieldprogram (2-channel)     2
Soundfieldprogram (headphone)     3
Personal AUDIO Enhancer     YES
Cinema Studio EX. A/B/C-mode     YES
Night mode     YES
Speaker chooser     A / B, A+B
Speaker connections     A:Screw, B: Push
Headphone connection     YES (gold)

Input front     AV (gold-colored)
Audio In (incl. TV CEC)/Uit (excl. tuner)/TV (CEC)     2 / 1 /YES
A/V in/out (S-Video I / O): Incl. AV-connections front     4 / 1 (0/0)
Monitor Out (S-Video Out)     1 (0)
Componentvideo in/outt (troughput)     3/1
Pre Out     SW x 1
HDMIâ„¢ In/Out (In at front)     4/1
Opt. IN/OUT/TV (CEC): incl. front & TV (CEC)     3 / 0 / YES
Coax.     1 / 0
Digitale input assignment     YES

Specifications HDMI

DTS HD / Dolby®TruHD / Dolby® Digital+     YES / YES / YES
LPCM (2-/ 5.1-/7.1-channels) via HDMIâ„¢     YES / YES / YES
Dolby® Digital / DTS     YES / YES
Dolby® Digital EX     YES
DTS 96 / 24     YES
DTS NEO:6â„¢     YES
Dolby® Prologic     YES
Dolby® Prologic II     YES
Dolby® Prologic IIx     YES
Dolby® Dual Mono     YES
96 k / 24-bits PCM     YES
Neural – THX Surround     YES (only 225.227)

Prefered station (XM / FM / AM)     TTL60 (30/30)
Station name     YES
Auto Tuning     YES
Direct tuning     YES (RM)

HDMIâ„¢-quality 1080/24p     YES
HDMIâ„¢-quality Deep Color     YES
HDMIâ„¢-quality x.v.Color (xvYCC)     YES
Upscaling (Analog->Component / HDMIâ„¢, HDMIâ„¢->HDMIâ„¢)     YES
Automatic mode     YES (variable)
Time (ms)     300
Samplefrequency (up to192 kHz/96 kHz/48 kHz)     192

DCAC (Digital Cinema Auto Calibration)
Band     6
Mic (STEREO / MONO)     Mono

Panel     molded, black/zilver
Remote control     PP, RM-AAP022
Display     10-chars dotmatrix
Sleep-timer     YES
PIN-connections     Nicle
Power requirements     230 V 50/60 Hz
Power consumption (W)     230
Power consumption during stand-by (W)     0,7
measurements (b x h x d) (mm)     430 x157,5 x 318 mm
Weight (kg)     8,4

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