Amerigo Vespucci – Deagostini version (scale 1/84)

Today, I received a “shipwreck” of the Amerigo Vespucci …
For those who don’t know the Amerigo Vespucci, check out this wikipedia link

Actual image of the Amerigo Vespucci, docked in Venice (Italy)

A few years ago, Deagostini published a building kit of the Amerigo Vespucci in scale 1/84. This building kit consists of 120 different booklets and packages with pieces. Every week one package/booklet was delivered to customers, at a price of allmost 7 euro per package, and this for 120 weeks long.(Bringing up the total to more then 840 euro), I managed to get the whole thing for free !!!

The box with all parts and the 120 booklets, completely dry/dustfree/in perfect condition. The previous owner did handle everything with care 🙂

The lower piece was already “finished”, it looks OK if you see it like this …

The reason why I call it a “shipwreck”, will be noticable in the next serie of pictures. It will take a lot of sanding/filling/repairing, sanding/filling/repairing, and some more sanding/filling/repairing, to make it look like a “real” ship. Ooh well, if you take into account that it did cost me the incredible amount of 0 euro (YES ! zero euro), and the fact that building the lower piece would also take a lot of hours of building and sanding/filling, it’s a real bargain 🙂 And afterall, this gives me the ability to give the lower piece a personal touch of myself 🙂


Don’t expect me to start on this ship next week 🙂 First, I need to finish my 1/35th diorama of the “cargo dock”. Next, Christel ordered a box of C-rails, (worth a price of about 1300 euro) for my birthday in april, so I can finally start building my new modelrailroad layout after finishing the dio 🙂 I think I will start (re-)building this masterpiece of art, at the winter of 2014-2015 … And I hope one day, it will look as beautiful as the next picture 🙂

One day … 🙂

To be continued …

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