Holidays 2013 – part 7: visit to Hermeskeil, Bernkastel, Bullay and Dieblich

In the morning, we did take the “Autobahn” to Hermeskeil. (It was a 142 KM drive, but at a speed of almost 200 km/hour on some parts of the highway, we made it in about an hour) We visited the “dampflokmuseum”.
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After this, we went to Bernkastel, and did follow the Mosel-river, back to the hotel. We passed Bullay, with it’s “special” bridge. On the lower-part, cars can drive on this bridge. On the upper part, trains do ride on this bridge. Furthermore, we had a stop in Ediger, for some “wildlife goulash”.

When we arrived back at the hotel, we went for some “wine-probing” at the Weingut Kries (located, just behind our hotel).
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We did drink 10 different wines, but only 0,1 L for every wine we tasted.
We decided to buy 12 bottles of wine, to take with us to Belgium, to “enjoy” after our holidays 🙂

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