A free week – lots of new stuff :-)

Last week, it was Christels’ birthday, so we both did take a week off …
For her birthday, Christel wanted a wireless vacuüm cleaner.
(She already owned a “regular” vacuüm cleaner and a small handheld one)
I bought a Dyson DC62 …
Besides the birthday present, it was a *very* expensive week 🙂

Next, because we become more and more active again in video-editing and animations,
we decided to buy a 27″ monitor for Christels’ Macbook.
It was time for a Philips 278G4DHSD. This is a 27″ monitor with a LED IPS panel,
supporting up to 1920×1080 (Full HD, perfect for video editing), 3D and ambiglow/ambilight.
After installing this monitor, it became clear that I also “needed” such a monitor.
The day after, an extra Philips 278G4DHSD was delivered, for me this time 🙂

Last month, I bought a Toshiba 3D camera. Because filming in 3D, doesn’t allow any “zooming”,
I decided I also “needed” another extra camera. (hey, my Sony camera only supports 1080i, and I wanted a 1080p)
We bought a JVC Everio GZ-EX315, with 32x optical zoom, which stores it’s data onto an SD card
(128 GB is good for 11 hours of filming in the highest quality) in AVCHD format.

Because we have 5.1 surround systems all over the house (7 in total), I wanted to edit my videos with 5.1 surround sound on it. Most iMac owners do think that and iMac only outputs stereo sound via the headphone output.
Actually, this output is a dual output, you can put an optical cable in this “hole”, instead of a headphone.
This optical output generates Dolby Digital I, AAC, DTS etc …
So, I connected a “optical to 5.1” audio gear converter, and ordered a Medusa Speedlink MX 5.1 limited edition headset.
I can now edit my sound in 5.1 while using this new headset.

After all, as you can read above, we bought “lots of stuff” during our week off 🙂

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