Hi folks,

Just a little note, and a reminder to myself 🙂
No pictures this time, just a simple and brief explanation.

I had some unused Arduino mini Pro boards laying around. They contain an Atmel 328p IC, I have the 5V version,
but they are also available in 3.3V.
(they cost less then 2,75 euro on ebay, including shipment from China to Belgium !)

I also did have some CP2102 USB-to-TTL converters laying around.
The “beauty” of this converter, is the fact that there are windows(32/64bit), linux and Mac OSX drivers available !
It can be used for 3.3V but also for 5V !
They can be used with the Arduino mini Pro boards, but without the auto-reset ability.  (but don’t worry about that)

How-to connect:
– GND from converter to GND of Arduino
– RXD from converter to RX of Arduino
– TXD from converter to TX of Arduino
– 3.3V (or 5V for the 5V version of the board) from converter, to VCC of Arduino

How-to program:
– First, make sure that the correct drivers are installed ( www.silabs.com )
– Select the correct board in the Arduino IDE. (Arduino Pro or Pro mini …)
– Select the correct port in the Arduino IDE. (/dev/tty.SLAB_USBtoUART on Mac)
– Upload your code to the Arduino
– When “overriding baudrate: 57600” appears in the output window, press the reset-button on the Arduino briefly.
– Upload will start …
– Enjoy your Arduino mini Pro board with this cheap CP2102 converter 🙂

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