Christel already ordered my present for my birthday (april 3th) …
Because this year, I get something that comes in “kit”-form, and that I need to built together myself,
she decided to already order “it” !
Because the building and fine-tuning manual is almost 1000 pages, she thinks that I will need several weeks
to put this “thing” together. (lol, I know better !)

Can you guess what will become of this bunch of parts ?

Update january 27th – 20h35
I couldn’t resist to start “building” after I got home from work.
On picture 2, you can see how far I have got today. (now time for some Television: Wauters VS Waes)

Update january 29th – 21h20
So, after spending a few hours building on the 3D printer, for the past 3 evenings,
the actual construction is done …
Tomorrow evening I can start with connecting everything to the controller board.
(4 stepper motors, 2 temperature sensors, 2 heaters, 1 cooler, 3 end switches)
I’m actually “half-way” the user manual now …
When my “calculations” are correct, I can make my first print on sunday or monday evening.

Update february 17th – 20h00
After a period of illness, I can finally do some printing 🙂
I already did some modifications to the printer:
– motor-support for Z-axis replaced by printed parts
– connection between Z-motor and Z-axis replace by a selfmade brass piece
– printed a mounting piece, protection grill and nozzle for the fan
– printed an alternative housing for the electronics
– printed 2 boxes, attached to the side of the machine. (one for filament waste, the other for some tools)
– printed a filament guide
– printed a LED ring
– printed a handle for the large gear (so I don’t put my fingers between gears, lol)
– printed a belt tensioner for the X-axis

In the meanwhile, I printed 2 vases for Christel.
Small one did take about an hour and half to print, the large one about 4 hours.
(note the triangles in the sidings of the large one, these triangles are also present in the drawings of this vase)

Still todo:
– print a belt tensioner for the Y-axis
– replace the rod for the Z-axis with a linear ballscrew (TR8x1.5D)
– change the teflon piece in the extruder with a very short piece of teflon and a piece of aluminium (cooled with 25 mm fans)
– put a glass plate on the printbed (21,5 cm x 21,5 cm – 3 mm thickness)

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