Some 3D printed things … *UPDATED, May 7th – 2014*

First of all, I have been ill for a very long period, so excuse me for not updating our website frequent enough.

First 3D printed pieces – A wobbler engine (air powered)
In the meanwhile, I started using the K8200 3D printer. A good thing about a 3D printer is, that the print-jobs continue, even while I’m ill and laying in my bed. So, as a first small test-project, I created a wobbler engine. You can see in the pictures, that the prints are not perfect, but hey, it works 🙂

Next challenge – a second 3D printer
I also started building a second 3D printer. The Ecksbot from EckerTech ( is an opensource 3D printer.
You can find the Solidworks files in the EckerTech forum. I downloaded them, and did some modifications in Solidworks:
– I wanted the Z-axis motor to be bottom mounted instead of top mounted
– I only wanted one motor for the Z-axis, and connected both Z-rods with a T2.5 belt.
– I replaced all printed bearing parts, with “real” iron bearing parts.
– I created another carriage, so I could mount a standard heatbed with adjustment screws.
– I added a Sainsmart Ramps 1.4 controller, with graphical LCD
– I added the powersupply underneath the printer
– I added a RaspBerry Pi with Octopi
– I added LED-strips
– I replaced Y-axis clamps with stronger ones
Due to me beeeing ill all the time, this printer is not yet “up and running”, so stay tuned …
(Pictures and movies will probably be online before the end of april)

An even bigger challenge, a “large” locomotive
While browsing Thingiverse ( , I stumbled upon STL-files for a “bigboy” locomotive. (an American steam locomotive, with 24 wheels and 4 cylinders, the biggest ever !) Once printed, this locomotive will be 6″ (about 1m80) long !
It did take Paul (original builder), from april 2013 till december 2013, to “print” this locomotive. I also started in april (2014), so I hope to get this locomotive finished before the end of 2014. (I’m printing it at 92%, so it’s exactly the same as 3 1/2″ scale)

And another small side project
While beeing ill, I couldn’t let the printer “stand still”, so before I started printing the BigBoy, I printed all parts for an hexapod. Everything is mounted, I only need to finish 2 things:
– “cleanup” the wiring, and hide some wires
– Write some software for it (based on opensource Phoenix code with Inverse Kinematics)
So stay tuned 🙂 Pictures and movies will probably be online before the end of april.

UPDATE May 1st – 2014
We started printing with the second printer 🙂
I’m impressed by the print-quality, accuracy and print-speed !
There are still some “lines” visible in the prints, but I’m still using standard threaded M8 rods for the Z-axis. (next week my trapezium spindles will be delivered, after installation I expect my 3D prints on this printer to be perfect !)
Also, last weekend, we visited Maker Faire in Mechelen (first time in Belgium, check )
There was a company, named K85, that scanned people in 3D. They did scan Christel, but until today, we still did not receive any emails or files.
I wanted to print Christel in 3D, so I decided to 3D scan Christel myself. I still had an Xbox360 with Kinect sensor laying around somewhere. I bought “Skanect” (3D scanning software, available for Mac and Windows, and can be used with a variety of 3D scanner, including the Xbox Kinect sensor)
After installation, I played about 5 minutes with the software, and started scanning Christel as a “proof-of-concept”. This proof of concept turned out to be “usable”, and I decided to print it … You can see the result between the other things I printed on our second 3D printer 🙂
During my first test-runs on the printer, I also made a small movie, to proof that “it’s alive” 🙂 Note that the speed during this first test-run, is very low, and the printer was also not yet calibrated ! Also, it was directly connected to my MacBook, running repetier.
In the meanwhile, I also use Cura to create files for this printer. (you can store multiple printer profiles within Cura) The Ecksbot is now also controlled by a RaspBerry Pi, running OctoPrint. (with some custom hardware and software customization, to control LED lighting and fans etc … via OctoPrint menu)

UPDATE May 7th – 2014
– Today, I did take a picture of all parts already printed for the BigBoy locomotive.
(about 150 parts for the moment, still more then 450 to go !)
– I also did take 2 pictures of the current state of the hexapod, I hope to do some wiring next weekend.
– Christel scanned me with the kinect sensor / skanect software, and we printed “me” !
(notice, this is printed before the new trapezium spindles where installed !)
– STL files of RAPIRO came available on thingiverse. I do find this little fellow nice, but the price is a bit to high in my opinion. I started printing right away, after installing the new trapezium spindles (wow, what a difference in printing quality). I will use an Arduino Mini instead of the original PCB, and I will also write my own software 🙂

Click here to see a short movie of my 3D printed wobbler engine.

Click here to see a short movie of the first run of the Ecksbot.

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4 Responses to Some 3D printed things … *UPDATED, May 7th – 2014*

  1. Hi Kris, hope you’re feeling much better again. Some really nice work you’ve been doing there. This is all on the same printer the K8200 3D printer? I am building my own from the magazine My 3D Printer. They are sending me new pieces each month to piece together. I’m really excited about it and can’t wait until it’s all finished so I can start printing some things. I don’t know if you know of this or not? Really inspiring to read your posts none the less.


    Mike @

    • Kris says:

      Hi Mike,

      I’m still very ill 🙁 Currently busy with my 3th 3D printer, completely designed it myself in Solidworks, and now from time to time, busy with printing parts for it and construction)
      My second printer, based on an Ecksbot ( is the printer Is use the most now.
      Quality and speed is better then the K8200 printer. On the other hand, I heavily modified my K8200, designed a complete new extruder and using a J-head as printhead, which improved the print-quality a lot !)
      I’m mainly using the K8200 to print my “BigBoy” locomotive parts, still a few months to go I guess 🙂

      I heard about the magazine-printer 🙂 I think it will be a good one, and give you some technical knowhow while building it.

      best regards from Belgium,

  2. 3D Printers says:

    3th Kris? I also am building a Raptor 3 3D Printer. I have purchased some separate parts from different sellers on eBay and have started to put it together. I have virtually everything I need now except I haven’t got any new filament to test it with so hopefully on weekend that will come and I can start testing it. Will have to let you know the results. Note: I also am building a model steam train set (because my gramps is into it). I want to be able to impress him with some parts for his model steam train set. But I will have to let you know how that goes! 🙂



    • Kris says:

      Hi Johno,

      yup, 3th printer. 2 others are almost printing 24h/24h – 7d/7d – but this 3th one will be a “large” one 🙂 (printvolume more then 55x55x55 cm)
      Please keep me informed about that model steam train set 🙂


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