A new friend: Christian from Denmark :-)

While visiting the VSM “terug naar toen” in Beekbergen (The Netherlands) last week,
we met a nice guy 🙂
While taking pictures in the field between Beekbergen and Loenen, a guy came to me, reading out loud, what was on my T-shirt …
(Linux, Dos & Vista => The good, the bad and the ugly)

We started talking, and it soon became clear that we are both Apple-addicts, and that we have a lot in common … Trains (large and small ones), Apple, humor, travelling and a general interest in live and curious things 🙂

While waiting for steamtrains to pass by, at an interval of one train every 15 minutes, we had a good laugh and general chat, and later on, we exchanged email and other means of communication 🙂
Later that evening, I was a bit sad that we had to say goodbye … Ooh well, we are already making plans to visit the VSM and Märklin tägen (with IMA) together next year. There is even an existing chance that we stay in the same hotel …
Ooh well, I’m already looking forward to meet Christian again 🙂

In the meanwhile, please visit his website at http://www.trains-and-trains.dk (In English)

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