Some new photo equipment

During our holidays in september, we bought a new DSLR camera – the Nikon D5300.
It has more features, wifi, GPS and a much higher resolution (25 Mpixels), compared to our Nikon D60. It also features “live view” on the display, not much DSLR camera’s do have this feature ! (and I also like the bracketing and HDR options btw)
We decided to buy a Nikon again, because we are very pleased and satisfied with the D60,
and I could re-use my lenses and optics from th D60.

Now that I picked up my modelrailroad hobby again, we also decided to buy some equipment to do some “more professional” photos.
We bought some photo lighting equipment, and a photo softbox tent (with 4 colored backdrops: red/blue/black/white).
In the included pictures, you will also find the first picture taken with this equipment … see and judge for yourself 🙂
No need to say that I will enjoy this equipment, 99% of the time for modelrailroad related pictures …
(I still need to photograph all my locomotives for my RocRail database)

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