Some new modeltrain related stuff

During our holidays, we visited Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg (Germany), so we bought the MiWuLa car over there. Furthermore, there was a Märklin store about 4 kilometers from our hotel in Mettmann (also Germany), and they had some cars I was looking for, so we went to that shop and bought 3 cars.

Also, this year was the Märklin “tag des offenen tür”, where you could visit the factory.
Due to illness, I couldn’t make it, but Sander from the Dutch 3rail forum, did take care of it, and now I also have the special edition car from this event 🙂

And last weekend, there was the modelrailroad expo in Houten (Utrecht – The Netherlands) It was almost 2 years ago since we visited this expo, so it was time to head over to Houten again … We bought lost of stuff for the long module we are currently building …

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