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Hello (again),

If you are reading this, it means we finally upgraded our website to a new style. On july 5th, 2008, the first blog-posting on was created … It did take a few days, before “someone” did see this 🙂 After a few months, we had about 50 visitors a month, mostly friends and family. In the meanwhile, we are five years later, and we have between 400 to 600 visitors, PER DAY ! (from over the whole world) Our old site became outdated, and was only “one-way” traffic. In this five years, technology also evolved, so we decided to do things differently.

  • First, we stepped away from Dreamweaver and Notepad (really), we switched to WordPress …
  • Second, you can now comment on postings and articles …
  • Third, this website should not only be visible on a PC or MAC, but should also look good on any OS and tablet. (Android AND Apple IPAD / IOS based devices)
  • Fourth, you can share any of our postings with your friends, by the “I like” facebook button, beneath every posting 🙂
  • Almost all images are available in high-res ! (more then 10.000 pictures !) You can also “mark” them for download, and download a zip-file (generated on the fly), with the selected images … 

Happy reading,
Kris & Christel

Just an old screenshot, to *remember* …

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