Some new electronics to learn/play with … (for the KöF 5 1/4″)

For the 5″ KöF, I was looking into an android tablet (that I still had laying around) to control the locomotive. But after a second thought, I decided to create my own custom controller. This gives me the advantage of a “fast startup”, dedicated device, where I can also add a rotary encoder, for accurate speed control. A regular 8-bit Microchip PIC or Atmel AVR, did seem a bit “underpowered”, but an FPGA would be a “big overkill”.
After some thinking and research, I came up with the perfect solution: An AT Xmega128 ! Those Xmega devices, are programmed trough JTAG or PDI, so I needed a new programmer. I did buy an “All AVR” programmer from Diamex. Furthermore, from McuZone, I ordered 2 Xmega128A1 boards, and from Propox, I ordered another one.
And finally, I also needed some LCD screens, on Ebay I found some 3.2″ color LCD’s (320×240 resolution – SSD1289) with a touchscreen ! (ADS1783 controller)

I also bought some extra things 🙂 2 powerbanks, 11200 mAH each. I have the ATXMega128A1, including Diamex programmer and LCD screen (at full brightness) already running for more then 48 hours, and the powerbank is still full for more then 50% !
To recharge it, I wanted to try something new, “wireless power”, so I bought 2 modules to experiment with. Furthermore, I also bought an AirHorn (120 dB !) to put into the KöF 🙂

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