3D printed case for Nixie clock (www.circuitsonline.net) *UPDATED, April 9th – 2016*

A few weeks ago, I got the change to buy a nixie-clock kit from www.circuitsonline.net
Circuitsonline is my favorite (Dutch) electronics online forum 🙂
a nice guy with the nickname ‘Klein Is Fijn” (Thijs), made available a whole bunch of those nixie-clocks, for a price I couldn’t resist.
After building the clock together (It does not run for now, I still need 2 diodes and a resistor) I started designing a case in Solidworks.
So I know have a nice housing for this fine nixie clock.
The parts, ready for printing, can be downloaded as STL files from Thingiverse.
You can download them here

Yesterday, an envelope from the Netherlands arrived, Thijs did send me the 2 missing diodes and restistor), After a few minutes of soldering, the Nixie clock works like a sharm now 🙂

Thijs, thank you for the nicely designed Nixie kit 🙂

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