A very black day in the history of my modelrailroading hobby :-(

It was monday, june 13th – 2016.
While watching the European Championchip Football, the match between Belgium and Italy (which we did loose by the way), that one of my closed cabinets came loose from the wall, with more then 40 locomotives and more then 200 railcars in it, and smashed the floor … I watched it happening, completely stunned (I can’t get this images out of my head anymore, I see them come along a hundred times a day)

Those cabinets where already hanging on that wall for 8 years. They are strong (18 mm thick plates everywhere), and where held in the wall with 10mm screws ! We still can’t believe that this is happened 🙁 The day before, lighting struck our neighbours, we can only believe that this has got something to do with it … (but hey, how can you proof ?)

The damage-list until now:
– iMac => problems with the screen
– 2 office-chairs => on one the pump doesn’t work anymore (so you can’t sit heigher) and for the other, the chair almost comes loose from the wheel-part.
– 3D printer => some bended 3D parts, surely need to replace the TR8x1.5 spindle,
and electronic problems (main board & LCD controller)
– The cabinet itself => already started designing new cabinets !
– Floor and desks => well, we were going to replace them anyway, so no assurance help needed for this part.

For the trains, I did have lots of luck:
– I own 89 locomotives and 443 railcars. (divided over 2 cabinets, so about 45 locomotives and more then 200 railcars where involved in this crash)
– After more then 2 weeks spending all my free time of “struggling and puzzling pieces together” and some strong glue, I did manage to fix a lot of it with “invisible” repairs.
– The result is that I have 2 broken railcars and 12 locomotives and 3 trainsets that are “lost”. (well, some of them can be fixed by replacing the decoder and buy the expansion sets again) I also bought a Kolls catalog , because I need to know the actual current value of the broken trains …

To prevent further damage to my train-collection, I also did take out all my trains out of the other cabinet (you never know what might happen). So, I must make the new cabinets asap, because there are now trains all over the house (as you can see on some of the pictures) …

I hope my insurance will cover most of the costs, so be continued …

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