Cube@Home – LED cube 8x8x8

I have seen lots of LED cubes on different blogging sites in the past.
Actually, I saw so many of them, that I decided to create my own.
The result is a LED-cube with 8x8x8 LEDs (8 LEDs in every direction, X,Y and Z)
That is 512 LEDs, all soldered together in a maze, by hand !
I also created a WinAmp plugin for it, and the cube can be connected to a PC, via RS232.
(It also works with serial-to-usb converters)
Animations can be written to SD-card, and can be scheduled to be shown on specific time intervals, on the cube itself.

Click here to download the firmware / PCB-design / PC-software for Cube@Home

Furthermore, I milled the complete housing and PCB’s on my Profiler CNC.
The sides are simple aluminium plating, the frame itself is tropical hard-wood.
Even the 128 holes in the mirror-plate where the actual LEDs are placed on, are drilled with the Profiler CNC. (16 holes per “slice” of 64 LEDs, 8 slices = 128 holes)

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