Eifel Tower – CNC’ed

In preparation of our visit to Paris in november 2008 (For Christels’ birthday),
I looked at the Eifel-Tower website. I found a DXF (3D) file of the Eifeltower 🙂
“Mangling” it trough AutoCad and Rams3D Gold, I finally got some files that looked “millable”.
I bought some acrylic sheet from the local DIY-shop, loaded the files into the Profiler CNC software, and started milling.
A few hours later, I did have a bunch of pieces, that fitted nicely together, without even using glue. I also decided to “light up” this piece of “artwork”, so I created a baseplate for it, with 100 blue LEDs in it. (In the meanwhile I replaced these blue LEDs with RGB LEDs)
Not so bad, for one evening of milling, and about 6 euro of acrylic 🙂
The Eifeltower stands about 65 cm tall …

Click here to download the Eifel-tower DXF files for 3 mm plates

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