The day we arrived in Wernigerode, we did go to the center of the town, where we had a nice dinner. When going back to the hotel, I suddenly didn’t feel so well, and I hardly made it to the hotel. I layed down on my bed, hoping that it would pass.
At around 8 PM, the pain was so bad, that we had to call an ambulance for me.
In the hospital, it became clear that emergency surgery was necessary. (Even a trip to Belgium would cause danger, they had to do surgery IMMEDIATELY !)
So, they began surgery at 10 PM, which lasted till past 2 AM !
And after staying 2 nights in the hospital, I could leave.
Well, we booked the Altora hotel for 3 rights. (Christel already did spend 2 nights in this hotel, while I was in hospital)
So, one good-night-sleep left in this hotel (because the hospital beds where to short for me, I hardly did sleep during the 2 previous nights).
We cancelled all further hotels, and will head back home after this night in the Altora hotel. I can’t even lace my shoes and can’t even put on my own socks, so it would be a terrible idea to continue our holidays. I need a lot of rest, so I will spend my last week of holidays at home in my bed and on the sofa, and I need to wait to hear wat our doctor in Belgium tells me on monday …


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