Lots of new additions in my Märklin H0 collection !

Everybody who reads my blog on a regular base, knows that we had a “major incident” with our H0 collection. Somewhere in june, one of my cabinets, dropped from the wall on the floor. A lot of locomotives and railcars where damaged. The day before our holidays started, our insurance company paid out the money for the damage.
The day after we arrived back from holidays (so soon, due to my emergency-surgery in Wernigerode), I decided to start ordering replacement locomotives and rail-cars …
I did not replace everything one-on-one. For example, a BR96 was damaged, and I already had 2 other black BR96 machines, so the replacement machines was a blue BR96.
The black BR10 was replaced by a red BR10, because I also have another black BR10.
a BR53 was not replaced at all, because I already have 2 black BR53 machines, in stead
I bought the 26603 set. (that was still on my wishlist, and together with the also not replaced BR74 (also double), I had enough money for this new set)
BR84 (also double) was replaced by the BR85. (almost identical, but this way, I have 2 different loco numbers)

Here is a list of pictures of all my new additions from the last few weeks. Locos where ordered in different countries, and not all on the same day, so I had a steady stream of new locomotives and trainsets comming in almost every day for the past 2 weeks.
(this also softened my remaning pain from surgery)

Furthermore, I did buy a few locomotives and railcars in Dresden during our holidays,
the water railcar from the HSB (in H0, Christel already had this car in LGB scale) when we arrived in Wernigerode (some hours before my surgery), and Christel ordered a BR18 201 (green steam locomotive) and a VT18.16 (like we did see in Chemnitz) as a “get well soon” present … The result is a list of 24 pictures of new H0 material …

The things I did not take a picture off:
– the 10 locpilot V4 decoders I bought, together with 20 permanent magnets – 3 types,
and 5 middlerail shoes.
(to fix some broken decoders/magnets in locos from the damage, and I still had a few
non-Märklin items to convert to Märklin 3-rail …
– the expansion sets of both my Senator set (the silver and the half-red).
(they needed to be replaced)
– the BR12 that I’m still putting a new decoder and magnet in …

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