Welcome to the music section

So, it finally happened, I added a music section to our blog !
Since a few years, I’m addicted to “making music”.
In the meanwhile, I already made some songs on my own, current counter is about 17 !
From time to time, I will post new songs in this section, but also whenever I buy new gear, or when I have something “interesting” to tell.
The idea to start a music section on our blog, was already floating around for some time, but because I recently “solved” a mystery: connecting an external touch-screen to a Yamaha MODX, things got a bit sped up !

So, to my new blog-readers, welcome … And to the existing readers (mostly electronic/mechanic/railroading fans), I know some of you will be surprised to know that I’m also “into” music, and I’m sure some of you are also … So, the ice is broken, let’s go with the flow 🙂

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