My first H0-related 3D printed miniatures

This weekend was a productive weekend !
I started printing my first miniature in H0-scale, for myself !
First, I started off with a download of a VW beetle from thingiverse, this needed to be printed in 6 pieces:
– 4 wheels
– a bottom part
– a top part

Soon i realised that printing the top and bottom in separate pieces (first 4 pictures), would take up more time to print, and I also needed to do some “post-processing”. So, I deciced to fire up my Autodesk Netfabb, and was able to combine these 2 STL files as one part.
Now I was able to print the car itself in once piece (picture 5-6-7), without any supports needed.
(the 4 wheels are ofcourse separately printed)
I was able to print 6 cars onto my print-plate in one go. I also lowered the layer-height to 0.025 mm instead of the usual 0.050 mm. This gave a total print-time of just below 2 hours, for 6 cars. Bringing the print time for a car to about 20 minutes. The wheels are printed with 72 pieces at once (good for 18 cars at once) on one print-plate, in just about 15 minutes, upping the total print-time for a complete car by 50 seconds. Also, please note the high detail-level of the cars, the even have mirrors on the left and right side.
(one round, the other rectangular, like in the real example of the old Beetle design)
This was a really “milestone” for me, my first 3D printed H0 miniatures for myself 🙂 More to come in the future ofcourse !

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