Today I started printing my first H0 railroad-related items, with my Anycubic Photon-S printer.
I managed to stick 18 signals onto the build-plate. It did take about 6 hours to print.
Eventually, I will re-arrange the signals in the PWS file, so I can print 24 of them, at the same time. (24 will take the same amount of time !)
I need to take down the layer exposure-time by 2 seconds, because the walking-grids are not fully open. Oh well, taking the exposure time down by 2 seconds, I will gain about 50 minutes in printing time, (about 1500 layers, 2 seconds per layer)
For a test-print, they came out better then expected !

Please take a look at the website of MSC De Pijl VZW at and scroll down to “3D Prints”,
if you are interested in 3D printable files for NMBS signals of the old or new type …

Note to myself ! don’t put such small printed items in warm water after printing, they will not stay “straight” !
Put those small printed pieces directly into the curing machine, after the IPA bath !

Click here to see a short movie of the UV curing process.

In the meanwhile, I started designing my German “Flügel-signale”, my first 32 poles are printed, on one print-plate.
It did take about 8 hours of printing time !
Furthermore, I printed 3 different “brick rollers”.
Just add a flat, wet road of plaster or clay, an roll a brick roller over it, to get a brick or cobblestone pattern in the road !

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