Giant 128×64 LED matrix display

As you would have allready guessed from previous projects, I really love LEDs ! No Really, I really do ! (and even this is still an understatement) I allways wanted a giant LED display, to hang on the frontwall of our house, during Christmas season, to show some peace and joy in our neighbourhood. Because these things are really expensive (about 10.000 euro for such a huge display), and I’m even sure that this would not cover all the features I wanted, I decided to build one myself, for less then 1/10th of the original price 😉 So, I ordered about 9000 LEDs from Leds-Buy, 128 pieces of MAX7221 of Maxim-IC, 16 blanc-copper eurocard PCB’s, lots and lots of wire, a few hundred resistors and capacitors, and I was started with this project … A very close friend of mine, does work in an iron factory, where they make iron sheets. He arranged a few sheets for me, with perfect holes in it. The holes are spaced 1.5 centimeters apart, and a few microns smaller then 5 millimeters, so I really need to push the LEDs in the holes, this is just perfect 😉

Click here to download firmware / PCB design / PC-software / documentation

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