Since a short time, I do own a Märklin e-locomotive with digitally controlled pantographs.
Because I do own quiet some e-locomotives, I wanted to be able to control the pantographs of all these locomotives. This weekend I created a prototype of this function, on a rather old Märklin locomotive, a BR141. I’m now able to move both pantographs up and down, digitally 🙂

I used 2x 3.7G servos and a DCC servo decoder from
Those decoders use the DCC protocol, and are able to control 2 regular servos, and also do have 2 extra outputs. (to control lighting etc …)
I changed to address of this decoder to the same address of the lokpilot I did insert into this locomotive, so it looks like there is just one decoder inserted. I did put the extra servo decoder onto 2 functions that are not in use on the lokpilot. (This should work with every other combination of decoders)
Every servo controls one pantograph, independently of each other.

Click here to see a small movie of the 2 pantographs moving up and down
Click here to see a detailled movie op the wire pulling the panto down, and the spring, pulling the panto up

001 -pantograph up – small wire on the bottom-left of the panto.. No tension on the wire.spring is pushing panto up.
002 – pantograph down – the tin wire is pulling the panto. down.
003 – inside of the locomotive – a lokpilot and servo-decoder. Notice there is no room on the left, due to the big motor.
004 – the 2 servos – both pantographs in up position. (no tension on wire, because locomotive-top is upside down, squishing the pantographs.
005 – same 2 servos, pulling the wires to put both pantographs down.

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