LocoMotion – The build : battery testing

On the weekend of January – 16/17 – 2021, I started with writing down my ideas for the LocoMotion controller. I already decided on large parts of the hardware, and as I had already some parts laying around, I started doing some initial tests during this weekend. Because power is mostly a big issue on these handheld projects, I started by testing how long a LiPo battery would last on a full charge …

The results where surprisingly good !
I used an ILI9488 (SPI touch-screen with 320×480 pixels, 3.5″),
a LilyGo TTGO T8 ESP32 board and a 3.7V 2500 maH battery.
While running a demo on the screen of a moving cube, in 3D, the device was still running after 36 hours. Because I needed the board and screen to start development, I broke of this battery test, because I was assured that the device will work long enough on a charged battery 🙂

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