LocoMotion – the build : CS3 “inside” information

Because I soon going to start the development of the CS2/CS3-compatible firmware for LocoMotion, I started gathering information …
This page is dedicated to all this information 🙂

First of all, both CS2 and CS3 speaks the same language. They both use the CANbus to setup communication between different components, and even use the CANbus protocol over TCP !

Here is an English version of the official Märklin cs2CAN-Protokoll document

The CS3 does have a few tricks upon it sleeve, that can be accessed via a browser on a pc/tablet/smartphone.
Simply open a browser, and type, eeh voila !
( needs to be replaced by the IP-address of your CS3, when connected to your network)

URLExplanation front page of the CS3 Web
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